Music By Darcy: Mystery Pack Vol 1
Music By Darcy: Mystery Pack Vol 1

Mystery Pack Volume 1

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Very excited to release my first ever sample pack. This will be part of a series of packs where each may be unlike the last. The exciting part is not knowing what you are getting and what challenges it may bring.

It's a mix bag of sounds to give you more variety to experiment with. If you're looking to get out of your comfort zone, then I challenge you try this pack.

What's am I getting?

  • 14 sample loops
  • 21 one-shots (drums, percussion and vox)
  • 19 sound effects
  • 2 secret challenge sounds

What's one of the most unique aspect of this pack?

I find tuning samples can be very time consuming, especially with drums which rarely include the key in the file name. To save you a little time, I've included key in all of my loops and one-shots. I got the key for each using Serato Sample.

Are these original sounds?

Yes. The melodies are original compositions. Drum sounds and sound effects were live recordings from random objects from my home studio or the city of Toronto. Some kicks were made using a kick drum synthesizer.

Beats Made with the Pack

Here's a beat made by @someguyudontno where he also chopped up the thank you video from the pack to make this dope clip!